Inguna Granta


Education: Teacher of Mathematics for Secondary School.

Philosophy: Mathematics is a tool in studying other sciences.

Teaching experience since 2005. Additional training is connected with project development and management. Has participated in the development of study materials in the digital environment. Systematically improves the study process in mathematics in accordance with the concept of development of practices in teaching natural sciences and mathematics within secondary education.

Agrita Eiduka


Education: in Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering

Philosophy: “Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.” (P. Coelho)

Teaching experience since 2006. Assistant professor and researcher at the Department of Theoretical Mechanics and Resistance of Materials of RTU Institute of Mechanics, field expert. The author of 12 research publications. Co-author of the patent “Method for determining moisture content of materials”. Has participated in numerous international scientific conferences. Since 2009 has participated in the international 7th Framework Programme projects. A winner of a “School Pride” award. Has received letters of acknowledgement from the Department of Education of Jelgava Municipality for the contribution in preparing schoolchildren for regional and state research conferences and regional Olympics in Mathematics.


Pāvels Pestovs


Education: MSc in Chemistry.

Philosophy: To help you see the world through the eyes of a chemist!

Teaching experience since 2007. Conducts classes at environmental education centre for children and youth “Riga School of Natural Sciences”. Member of the working group “Natural Sciences and Mathematics” within the project of the National Centre for Education of the Republic of Latvia. Works on the syllabus of the exam in chemistry. Member of the Board of the Latvian Chemistry Teachers Association. Has prepared students who have demonstrated good results at Pupils Research Work Readings in Riga and on the state level, as well as at regional and state Olympics. The winner of the 2nd prize in the nomination ‘Teacher of Natural Sciences’ within the framework of the “Natural Science Awards” organized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Latvia. Conducts classes at Young Chemist Schools for the pupils in Venspils, Kuldiga and other regions. The winner of the Excellence Award in Chemistry.

Guntis Zenfs

English language

Education: Bachelor in Pedagogy and Psychology.

Philosophy: To teach for me is to show how to see, the direction to move is to be chosen independently.

Teaching experience since 2008. Has worked as a teacher of English at the language school. Has experience in working with IELTS test. Participated in Erasmus exchange programme for teachers, studied in Portugal. Two years of work experience in the UK. Has received the awards “The Best Class Master” and “The Most Coherent Teacher”, the laureate of the “Young Teacher” award. Purposefully works on the advancement of his English teaching skills and application of CLIL methodology. Worked as an instructor in methodology at professional advancement courses for teachers.

Marita Rozenfelde

Latvian language, literature

Education: Master in Educational Sciences.

Philosophy: “You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.” (R. Bradbury).

Teaching experience since 1987. Has participated in the development and accreditation of the study programme at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of the University of Latvia. A project coordinator expert within the European Programme for the Integration of the Third-Country Nationals. Has participated in the development of methodological aids and state examination syllabi at the National Centre for Education of the Republic of Latvia. Has profound experience in organizing and managing different events.

Agra Lipsberga


Education: MSc in Geography.

Philosophy: People can be both admired and hated for the knowledge of geography, as they will always be able to evaluate the processes occurring in the world and will not be easily manipulated.

Teaching experience since 1977. Worked as a Head of the methodological association of geography teachers of Riga District and Central District of Riga City. Has conducted seminars on the application of interactive maps in geography, delivered further education courses to geography teachers organized by the National Centre for Education of the Republic of Latvia and the publishing house Lielvārds. A specialist in the application of advanced teaching aids and technical equipment. Has organized and managed numerous regional Olympics in geography. The main reviewer of Earth Sciences Section of research works in Riga City. Has received several scholarships from Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research (Germany, Braunschweig). The author of numerous papers and books.

Jānis Arājs


Education: in History.

Philosophy: Non scholae sed vitae discimus.

Teaching experience since 2010 and lecturing experience since 2000. Specializes in military history. Has participated in numerous conferences presenting reports, the author of many publications. Has received the award “The Most Coherent Teacher of Riga”. Has chaired the Sociology Section of research works in Riga City. Has successfully prepared schoolchildren for regional and state level research work readings. The winner of the award “Teacher of the Year”. Has received numerous awards from the National Defence Academy.

Brigita Daļecka


Education: Master of Science.

Philosophy: “There is no finish, there is only start.” (I. Ziedonis).

Research work experience since 2012 at RTU Water Research Laboratory. Has specialized in microbiology. Has experience in the implementation of many international projects. Has participated in the international scientific conferences, co-author of research papers. Has undergone internship at KWR Watercycle Research Institute (Netherlands).


Līga Kamola


Education: Mater Degree in Education and Master Degree in Public Administration, PhD Fellow in Economics.

Philosophy: ”You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” (A. A. Milne)

Teaching experience since 2008. Līga Kamola has specialised in macroeconomics and economic research methodology. Her research interests lie in human resources management, the impact of education on economic development and regional economy. She has comprehensive experience in the implementation of numerous academic projects. She has participated in international scientific conferences and is the author of scientific publications. A member of Urban Economics Association and Industrial Engineering and Operation Management.

Ģirts Magone

Sports (PE)

Education: Bachelor of Education Science in Sports. Qualifications of PE teacher and senior basketball coach.

Philosophy: Good better best never let it rest till your good is better and your better is best. (Tim Duncan)

Experience in basketball coaching and teaching since 2008. Ģirts Magone has obtained a certificate of Children and Youth Camp Manager. He has experience in organizing sports activities.

Ilze Siliņa

German language

Education: Master of Pedagogy and Philology, qualifications of philologist, teacher, and translator.

Philosophy: “Learning, of all things in this world, is alone immortal and divine. Two elements in man’s nature are supreme over all — mind and reason.” (Plutarch)

Teaching experience since 1982. Started as a teacher at Riga 2nd evening school, later worked as a lecturer and assistant professor at Riga Technical University. Participated in the development and accreditation of the study program “Technical Translation”. Has developed methodological study aids, supervised and reviewed Diploma and Bachelor Papers. Specialises in teaching German as the second foreign language. Has experience in working with foreign students. Several times has receives scholarships from German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), participated in the Doctoral School of the University of Latvia “Lettonika and cross-cultural studies”. Has participated in international scientific conferences with reports, the author and co-author of numerous publications.

Irīna Romanova

Russian language

Education: Master of Philology, Master of Pedagogy, post-graduate education at Lomonosov Moscow State University, qualification – teacher of Russian as a foreign language.

Philosophy: “Language is a medium where I and world meet” (H. G. Gadamer)

Teaching experience since 1994. Additional education and training are connected with translation of technical texts. Specialization – teaching methodology development and practical implementation of the learning process. For many years she conducted classes in translation across German-Latvian-Russian languages. The author of a number of special course books. A holder of scholarship from German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst – DAAD); has gained extensive international experience at various seminars and summer schools, has undergone internship in several German universities. The author of numerous scientific papers and translations.

Andrejs Liepiņš


Education: MSc in Computer Science, engineer in computer control and computer science.

Teaching experience since 2001. A holder of Microsoft certificate. Andrejs Liepiņš has received certificates of gratitude from the Ministry of Education and Science, letters of commendation from Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association and Diploma of Honour from the Prime Minister of Latvia for coaching and preparing the students for international Olympics in the respective field. A winner of the commemorative medal of Kārlis Ulmanis Fund “Friendly Invitation”.

“…here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.”
Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll